Spotify Required Lead Time

Spotify has strict requirements around initial delivery, update and takedown timelines. It's important to remember that their guidelines apply to delivery to Spotify specifically and don't account for the time required by Ingrooves to process submissions, changes and takedowns.

Spotify delivery requirements are defined as follows:

  • Initial deliveries of a given release must complete delivery to Spotify at least five (5) business days before the earliest release date
  • Updates and takedowns of a given release must be delivered at least two (2) business days before they are required to take effect

Because Ingrooves also needs to approve and deliver new submissions and changes, it is strongly recommended that you submit everything as early as possible:

  • New content submission - 10 or more business days before the first release date
  • Updates and takedowns - 7 or more business days before change needs to be in effect

This allows time for Ingrooves to review, approve and deliver content while meeting all music service requirements.

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