Dolby Atmos Audio Specifications

Dolby Atmos Products


File Type: ADM BWAV (.wav) conforming to Dolby Atmos Master ADM profile

Sample Rate: 48KHz

Bit Depth: 24 bit

PCM Channels: Must not exceed 128

Objects: Must not exceed 118

Timecode: 24 fps


Additional Requirements from Dolby

All deliverables MUST be conformed and synced to the corresponding stereo deliverable.

There MUST be no additional silence at the start of the deliverable when compared to the
corresponding stereo deliverable.

All deliverables MUST have been approved for home listening and monitored in a room with
at least a 7.1.4-ch speaker layout.

All deliverables SHOULD also have been monitored over headphones with the headphone
render mode set to “Binaural”.

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