Why am I seeing the "!" next to my track?

When optimizing playlists, there are a few situations where we'll show you a warning. The most common warning would be the grey triangle with "!" (see below). This is indicating that we don't see any consumption data for that track currently, so it's likely to be sequenced towards the bottom of the playlist. Usually this either because we don't distribute that track, or it's so new that we don't have data coming in for it yet. If it's a new release, please feel free to pull the track back to the top of your playlist on Spotify for Artists.



The second warning you may see is the yellow triangle with "!". That's indicating that we believe we may not be getting the full set of data for that specific track, which could effect the track sequence. Typically, this would be caused by Ingrooves not distributing the track in all the territories we normally do for that artist. When this is the case, if the track ends up lower on the playlist sequence than you'd prefer, then you can always pull the track higher in the playlist via Spotify for Artists. The rest of the tracks will have been sequenced properly, based on the full data set required for the optimization process.



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